About Me

Currently, I am pursuing a PhD degree in Computer Science at NYU Tandon School of Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Claudio Silva. I hold a B.S. in Physics (2014) and M.Sc. in High Energy Physics (2016) from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (KNU), Ukraine.

I come from the City of Lviv, a cultural center of Ukraine, where I was studying at Physics and Mathematics Lyceum of Lviv (LPML). In 2010, I moved to capital to pursue my Bachelors and Masters degrees, and in 2016, I moved to New York to do my PhD.

At NYU, I’m working as research assistant in Visualization and Data Analytics Lab (ViDA) and Center for Urban Science + Progress (CUSP). My work is focused on imaging for sports analytics, computer graphics and urban sensing. The two major projects I’m currently working on are:

  • LegoTracker - an intelligent modular system for large-scale sports tracking, and
  • Reconfigurable Environmental Inteligence Platform (REIP) - a remote sensing infrastructure with advanced edge processing capabilities for in situ insight generation.

I identify myself as a hardware person and my past work also includes development of the Associative Memory chip testbench based on FPGA technology.

In my free time, I like to study foreign languages and voluteer for Razom Ticket project.